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As a psychologist, my work is focused on the individual, from babies still in the womb to adulthood. Challenges during pregnancy, early childhood to adolescence, and issues within family systems are my main areas of expertise. I grew up bilingually (English and German) in the UK, USA, Austria and Portugal, so I can also provide help in expat matters and intercultural relationships.

Depending on your questions or concerns, I can offer short-term interventions or long-term counseling and psychological therapy. If lock-downs, quarantine or other matters do not permit face-to-face sessions, appointments via phone or video-call are possible.

About me

Mag.a Isabelle Schön
*1970, 6 children

  • University of Vienna, master’s degree in psychology 2000
  • postgraduate clinical and health psychology 2001
  • listed by the Austrian ministry of health 2002
  • Qualification for divorce counselling §95 Abs.1a AußStrG
  • Specialization in Child-, Youth- and Family psychology 2009-2010
  • Curriculum SAFE mentor-training (PD Dr.med Karl-Heinz Brisch) 2014
  • Private practice as clinical-/healthpsychologist, child-/youth-/familypsychology since 2003
  • Family counselling center NÖ Hilfswerk 2000-2016
  • SOS children’s village- guided visitation 2016-2019
  • Team leader- Early childhood interventions ‘Frühe Hilfen NÖ’ since 2015
  • continued education, conferences, conventions
  • member of BÖP and GAIMH

Focus areas


  • Dealing with stress                        
  • Relaxation and well-being
  • Building inner strength
  • Leading a healthy life


  • Building secure attachment (pregnancy, birth, children 0-3 yrs)
  • Promoting healthy development
  • Understanding high sensitivity
  • Patchwork as a positive experience


  • Stabilizing relationships
  • Strengthening parental skills
  • Adjusting behavior problems
  • Coping with separation/divorce
  • Handling bullying at school

Psychological treatment / therapy

  • Anxiety/ panic attacks
  • Depression
  • Burnout
  • Psychosomatics


Mag.a Isabelle Schön
Alte Bandfabrik 1/13
7053 Hornstein
[email protected]
+43 650 6621206